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Kläppen Snowpark

How do you do to build a snow park according to inernationella dimensions and standards? Well, you give the assignment to the best snowboarders you can find to build and maintain the park.  And that is exactly what we have done, and intend to continue to do. It is only professionals who are allowed to work on Kläppen Snowpark, since only they know exactly how to prepare the snow to make the jump,  the experience and the challenge perfect and optimal.

Swedish National Team of snowboarding chooses Kläppen Snowpark as their home arena!
If you intend to win international championships you need lots of training. Soon the Swedish snowboard team will take part in both World Championships and Olympics. To our joy and pride the Swedish Nationel Team of snowboarding has chosen Kläppen Snowpark to prepare and work out both physically and mentally!


Kläppen on the summer

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