Kläppen Ski Resort in english

Kläppen Ski Resort is one of the southernmost ski resorts in the scandinavian mountains. Here you can go skiing in all four directions. Kläppen is more of a hill than a mountain, so we’ve had the opportunity to plan every piste to give you the perfect skiing experience. Best of all, everyone can ski from the summit no matter how inexperienced they are, because we have both simple and advanced pistes to offer. Last year we doubled the size of our children’s area, and this year our cosy waffle house is open for business.

We want to make life easy for you while you’re here so that you can enjoy your holiday, so you can collect the key to your cabin from our key station near your cabin. If you like, your breakfast will be in the fridge and your skis will be by the door. If you’ve also pre-booked the ski school and your skipass, you can start enjoying your stay straight away.

Short facts about Kläppen Ski Resort:
Privately owned and family run ski resort.
About 5,200 beds.
Advanced snow cannon system with a capacity of 60 cubic metres of snow per minute.
37 pistes.
21 lifts, including a chair lift and Sälen’s only gondola lift.
660 metres above sea level.
Lämmeltåget is Sälen’s longest slope (3 kilometres)
5 cross-country tracks offering a total track length of 39 kilometres.

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Here you´ll find information about what is happening at Kläppen today! Among other things you can find the current temperature, humidity, wind, number of open pistes/lifts and the amount of snow. You can also see what is being served at our restaurants and which activities you can take part in today. We wish you a great day at the mountain!
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